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Lessons Learned from Years with Researchers

Research Shows Many Chemical Compounds Found in Everyday Items We may not know as much as those researching the chemical compounds that are used in everyday household products we continuously buy. Whether you are looking at food and drinks, or other household products like cleaners or beauty products, there are most likely numerous chemicals to be concerned about. Let us look at some different chemical laden items that we may not be aware of at all. It seems apparent that chemicals make things last longer or allow a company to make an item at a lower cost. Chemical additions to products we use or consume may benefit companies, but seem to have more negative consequences for many consumers that buy the products. It seems that there is not enough research being done on the thousands of different chemicals that are used in so many consumer product favorites. There are few stores that sell consumer products that can possibly know what products sold through their establishment have some sort of chemical compound, or even which ones might be potentially dangerous. We occasionally hear of food products that may have unwanted chemical components in them and we try to avoid them if possible. It seems common to be reminded not to indulge on some types of food products too often, but rarely are we told to just stay away from these products all-together. You should probably consider all the drinks and sweeteners that you also consume when contemplating extra doses of chemicals.
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Researchers are now looking not only at our food and drink products, but they are also looking at the containers that they products are sold in. Researchers are finding that many of the plastic storage methods can be very harmful to our food and drink, especially when the plastic gets heated. It is possible to ingest over five pounds of chemicals form your food and drink without ever knowing it each year. Even our water has chemicals added to it today.
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Other ways that researchers say we ingest chemicals is through our cleansing and beauty routines. Chemicals can be found in our toothpastes and in our mouthwash rinses today. There are dangerous chemicals added to some shampoos and soaps that we think are entirely safe. Hair conditioners and different skin moisturizers can all have chemicals added to them. Deodorants are likely loaded with harmful chemical additives too. Chemicals are in hand sanitizers and the air fresheners that we use too. Heavy cleaning products and laundry soaps also have various chemicals added to them. You might find chemical additives in your curtains, rubber sandals, boots and even your furniture today. We need more researchers to examine the chemicals that are now part of our everyday life.